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Self-governing dynamic network as an effective alternative to the hierarchical construction

The publication focuses on a number of negative processes that develop in hierarchical socio-political organizations after their creation that together make up the “iron law of oligarchy” by Michels.
As an alternative to the hierarchical structure the author suggests the dynamic network – variable structure of socio-political organizations that regulates and keeps free of conflicts the interaction of all its members by their cyclic restructuring into little groups of different functional designation according to a certain algorithm that ensures production, coordination and taking of collective decisions by the members from the positions of “equal-to-equal” and their implementation in a complex of temporary hierarchical project, executive and process groups headed by executors in charge.
The publication describes in detail every step of the algorithm of cyclic restructuring in the dynamic network, provides the basic scheme of construction of a national level socio-political organization with variable structure, presents the self-government concept of such an organization and corresponding activity methodology, and suggests a strategy of its quantitative increase.
Read more: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2308438
Photo reports on activities using the algorithm of the dynamic network: http://samoorg.wordpress.com/
More publications: https://tarasplakhtiy.wordpress.com/


Листопад 12, 2014 - Posted by | Динамічні мережі

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