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The Concept of Constructing a Stable Middle Class Society in Ukraine

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The article presents an analysis of the archetypical structure of political myths and reveals that for most of them the ideal society is that of the “middle class”, the notion based on the archetypical invariant of “equality”. It is demonstrated that most classical political myths to a different extent exploit this invariant in its different interpretations – from the utopian total equality in communist ideology to the equality of rights and opportunities in liberal democratic ideologies that, unfortunately, everywhere and always eventually transforms into its opposite – “inequality”. The article describes the factors that condition such a transformation at the present historical stage in developed societies.

It is demonstrated that the direction and speed of the change of the middle class quantity and therefore the change of the scope of power and wealth that belong to it are the key factors that determine whether a particular society is approaching or moving away from the social ideal. On these grounds, the conclusion is drawn that so as to transfer from the present state of affairs to the social ideal it is necessary to alter the direction of change of the “middle class” quantity and correspondingly its composition and structure: launch, stabilize and maintain for a long period of time the processes of increase of the “middle class” and normalization of its composition and structure.

The conducted analysis made it possible to determine the Mission of Ukraine in the World. It consists in designing a successful implementation of the concept of evolutionary construction of the social ideal, i.e. a “middle class society”, from the starting point of oligarchy with an extremely high level of concentration of authority and administrative powers and financial resources, stabilization and long-term maintenance of the processes of the “middle class” increase and normalization of its composition and structure. Such a mission may be implemented by a range of transformational political organizations based on a variable organizational structure, i.e. dynamic network that could grant active participation in the production, taking and implementation of all decisions for the representatives of the “middle class” in these organizations and would reliably secure their rightful part of authority and administrative powers for them.

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