Тарас Плахтій

Динамічні мережі. Теорія та технологія.


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By analyzing three interrelated groups of archetypes – personal, cultural and those related to worldview and values – an archetypal model of the unconscious in the societal psyche was developed, the degree of influence of internal and external factors on it was revealed, and corresponding organizational tools for archetypal management of social systems were suggested.

The conducted analysis makes it possible to formulate the hypothesis that the only way to avoid the transition of the process of group development to the conflict stage consists in the long-term preservation of the clique establishment stage. Moreover, realizing that this process is irreversible, it is suggested that it should be managed it by regulating the clique establishment and dissolution processes so that the group dynamics attains dynamic equilibrium and becomes quasi-stable. Apparently, it is possible to maintain dynamic equilibrium at the clique formation stage for a long time only if they are repeatedly restructured according to a certain algorithm. A variant of such an algorithm was designed and presented in our earlier works.

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