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Fractal Model of Psyche and Archetypal Mechanisms of Human Behaviour

Plakhtiy, Taras, Fractal Model of Psyche and Archetypal Mechanisms of Human Behaviour (January 19, 2017). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2901688

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Based on the model of personality by Roberto Assagioli and field theory of Kurt Lewin and as a result of our choice of the fractal model for representing the logical and information components of the mind, we developed a universal fractal model of the human psyche and its components in their dynamic interaction with each other and with the environment, as well as discovered the archetypal mechanisms of this interaction.

In the framework of the presented model, this publication also describes the mechanisms of development of the societal psyche of human communities, which to a great extent determines the same type of behavioral responses of most of its members to the same external challenges.

The fractal model of the human psyche makes it possible to quickly and comprehensively provide members of new political organizations able to operate effectively under the conditions of the information society with rather profound interdisciplinary knowledge about different approaches that explain the principles and mechanisms of their choice of behavioral patterns and strategies in the process of organizational interaction, as well as bring all these approaches into a coherent and consistent system of ideas and views about the interplay of the individual, the organization and the environment.

Key terms: archetype, archetypal mechanisms, fractal model of the psyche, societal psyche, political organizations, dynamic network

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Хто винен і що робити?

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Політична і економічна кризи, посилені російською військовою агресією, кожним своїм проявом ставить перед українськими політиками та громадськими активістами два найактуальніші у часи змін питання – «Хто винен?» і «Що робити?».

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Political Organisation as a Result of Development of the Subjectivity of a Large Group

Plakhtiy, Taras, Political Organisation as a Result of Development of the Subjectivity of a Large Group (June 30, 2016). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2892798

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Abstract: Based on Roberto Assagioli’s model of personality, a model of the collective subject in the archetypal dimension was developed, and its basic parameters were determined in the process of its creation. In particular, it was found that the role of the collective conscious for such a subject is performed by a communication platform, where those involved in interaction can focus on objects located there. Important factors that contribute to and restrict the functioning of such a communication platform include the number of participants, intensity and duration of their interaction.

The key factor that determines the direction of the synchronisation processes of mental activity of individual members of the base community is the nature of relationship of their interaction positions resulting from their formal and informal group statuses. The biological nature of people launches and supports the process of their status ranking, which leads to regression of the collective subjectivity of the group to the individual subjectivity of its leader.
This led to the conclusion that a necessary condition for the creation of subject political organizations as a part of larger groups is the availability of safeguards that do not allow them to transform into a crowd. Thus, communication platforms can be seen as an intermediate link that connects a real collective subject and its model developed by us, and makes it possible to modify its qualities by organizational tools and their corresponding social technologies.
To successfully construct subjective political organisations – i.e. social model multi-intelligent systems consisting of large groups of people – based on the presented model and analysis of its basic aspects, we developed the variable structure – dynamic network and a corresponding integral set of social technologies of organisational activity. The dynamic network integrates the method of brainstorming, cross-group method and technologies of project management.

Keywords: archetype, archetypal mechanisms, collective subjectness, political organizations, communication platform, dynamic network, intelligence multiplier.

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